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What to Wear to a Boudoir Shoot



Event Start Date: 2020/06/18


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a boudoir photo-shoot? Most likely the question “What do I wear?”. I am often asked what to wear to a boudoir photo-shoot and it’s important to note that if lingerie is not your style, not every item needs to be a bra and pantie set. What’s most important is feeling your sexy, confident, beautiful self.

Here are some tips to help you build the perfect personalized collection of boudoir outfits for your session.

Variety Helps

If you feel confident in lingerie, try bringing a simple set as well as a more strappy, elaborate pair. That way you have options and the more variety you have, the more photo choices.

From Your Closet

Go through your closet and look through what you already own before you go on a shopping spree. Do you have a sexy lace blouse or a pencil skirt that perfectly hugs your curves? Maybe you have a soft, over-sized sweater that can hang off your shoulder and looks great with panties.

Accessorize, Baby

Remember; this is fun! Don’t be afraid to play dress-up with fun accessories like a cute hat, long pearls, or your favorite pair of fishnets. Have a pair of high heels you love but never wear? This is the perfect opportunity to show them off and it’s a great way to accentuate those beautiful legs.

Think Color

Many women show up to a shoot with solely black lingerie or black outfits. This is perfect if black is your color. But sometimes pops of color are just as sexy. Think smokin’ reds, pretty pinks, or a color you feel the best in.

Something of Theirs

If you can, bring something that belongs to your significant other. Think about their favorite button-up shirt that you look adorable in, their beloved band t-shirt, or an item they wear often that you both love. The more thought you put into it, the more their jaw will drop when they see your photos.


Think outside the box. This is a time you can be anything you want. Think leather, lace, or costume pieces. Or all three! Have a sexy costume that stood out in a crowd? Bring it. Biker babe jacket you’ve never had a chance to wear? Now is your time.

All that matters during your session is that you feel fearlessly gorgeous. Don’t worry! I’m here to help

throughout the entire process, of course. Ready to schedule your boudoir shoot in Panama City or Panama City Beach? Give me a call at 850-774-6872 or email me at