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How to Ask Your Guests to Go Unplugged at Your Wedding



Event Start Date: 2020/07/22


Throughout the years, when it comes to wedding photos and photography, I’ve seen it all. Many couples love the idea of having their guests participate in the big day by providing their guests with disposable cameras or using a witty hashtag so guests can post to Instagram. On the other hand, there are brides and grooms who prefer their guests to unplug and leave the wedding photography to the professionals.

First, what’s an unplugged wedding? Simply put, the wedding guests are asked to refrain from using phones, cameras or any other digital distractions during the ceremony. This gives the hired wedding photographer(s) the opportunity to capture the moment as efficiently and beautifully as possible.

If you are leaning more towards asking your guests to unplug, here are some great ways to notify your guests to put down anything distracting and enjoy the moment with you.

Have your officiant make an announcement

The easiest way to ask your guests to refrain from taking their own photos is to have the person who is marrying you make a short statement at the beginning of the ceremony. Ask your officiant to help put their minds at ease by reminding them the photographers you hired will gladly share the photos with them at a later date.

Make a sign for the venue’s entrance

Get creative with your soon-to-be spouse and make a sign that your guests will see on their way to the ceremony. Put your personality into the wording by making it clever or funny. Ask them to be present at this special moment rather than viewing it through a phone’s screen.

Put a note in your wedding program

If you are creating a program to give out at your wedding, make a note somewhere visible that respectfully asks everyone to turn off their phones and cameras during the ceremony. Remind them that the professionals are there to capture every moment perfectly so the guests can sit back and enjoy.

Include it in your invitation

Notify your guests early by including the request to have an unplugged wedding in the initial wedding invitation. Adding special requests or suggestions on the invitations (like Honeymoon Fund or adults-only ceremony) is becoming more common as it makes everyone aware beforehand what to expect on this special day.

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in a person’s life; and everyone you choose to share it with wants to remember it with you. It is always your choice on how to make your day as special as possible. If you choose to have an unplugged wedding ceremony, remember to talk to your photographer about sharing the wedding photos with your guests so they can have those moments, too.

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